Our Services

All Services are available 7 days a week.
Prices do vary in different areas, click on your area on our Locations tab above.

All services must be booked by 6pm on Saturday for the following week.

Dog walking

Dogs require physical and mental stimulation; many behavioural problems such as chewing, barking and digging are a direct result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise. Regular exercise can result in a happy, healthy well balanced dog and he/she will be a pleasure to be around when you’re at home.

For dog owners out at work all day, away from home, elderly or with commitments meaning you are unable to walk your pooch – we can!
Your dog will enjoy a 40 minute group walk in a park or local woodlands. (Maximum of 4 small dogs, or 2 large dogs per walk so that your dog gets the attention they deserve.)

* 40 minute walk
* Clean up any accidents on arrival and dry dog before return
* Top up fresh drinking water and feed as necessary

Walks can be either as part of a group or individually depending on your dog/s and your requirements.  Please note, there is an extra charge of £3 for solo walks, including those walks scheduled outside the lunchtime group walk session of 12-2pm. Walks outside of 12-2pm are subject to timetabling availability.

Our prices are broken down as small dogs and large dogs. Small dogs are up to 9.9kg, and large dogs are any size from 10kg up.

Cat, puppy and small animal visits

Do you have a home loving cat, or a rabbit? or even a hamster and a parrot?

* Cuddle & fuss (30 minute visit)
* Feeding / water change / Litter box / cage cleaning / basic grooming
* Collection of mail / Watering indoor plants
This service is available for any small pets such as birds, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, fish and guinea pigs. Exotic animals can also be considered.

House sitting

A full service alternative to boarding your dogs or cats in kennels. Also purrfect for smaller animals. We provide day care by way of exercise, and then spend an overnight stay with your pets. Giving you peace of mind that your home is secured and being looked after in your absence. Our clients can expect total honesty, confidentiality and respect for their property.

• Day care (dog)/visit (cat or small animal)
• Feeding of pet / Basic grooming
• Property will be occupied overnight by CRB checked staff
• Watering of indoor and outdoor plants / Mail collection

All House Sitting bookings must be paid for on booking
(Cancellation is subject to Cancellation terms and conditions) 


Have your beloved dog cared for throughout the day.
We will walk, feed, play with, and love your dog just as our own.

  • Our pick up times are by 9.30am
  • Drop offs start at 4.30pm. Our collection and drop off service may be chargeable
  • Your dog will play, exercise and stay with us.
  • During the day, your dog will enjoy 3 walks and then have time at home with our pet carers. Your dog will never be left alone for more than 2 hours, but will always have the company of another dog.
  • We do not offer discounts on this service due to the very high demand.
Sleepy Dogs

 Bank Holidays & Christmas/New Year

On all bank holidays there is a supplement of 20% on all bookings.
Our Christmas price list will be available in November each year.


Have your beloved dog cared for full time whilst you are on holiday - an alternative to Kennels.
We will walk, feed, play with, and love your dog just as our own. Your dog will feel loved and cared for from the moment they arrive

We can collect and drop off your dog from either your home or work (subject to distance).

All Homeboarding bookings must be paid for on booking
(Cancellation is subject to Cancellation terms and conditions)